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neuropsychological, psychoeducational evaluation & treatment


Dr. Mari Davies, Ph.D.


Mari S. Davies, Ph.D., is a psychologist, professor, and developmental neuroscientist in the Los Angeles area specializing in neuropsychological assessment and intervention across the lifespan.


Dr. Davies believes that with insight, understanding, and appropriate tools and support, we can be our best selves. A crossover scientist and clinician, she has a unique approach informed by the combination of research, teaching, and 15 years of clinical, real-world experience helping children and adults.

Dr. Davies received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2009, and has a license to practice psychology in the state of California (PSY 24383). Her expertise is specialized via doctoral and postdoctoral-level coursework, research, and training in human development and neuropsychology. She has authored book chapters, and published original research articles in peer-reviewed, neuroscientific and neurodevelopmental journals.




Dr. Davies provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations and identifies empirically-based interventions and practical recommendations for children, teenagers and adults. A profile of strengths and relative weaknesses is generated based on a whole-person understanding of an individual within their school, work, family and life context. Functions assessed may vary by evaluation, but often involve an in-depth assessment of the following domains:

  • cognitive and intellectual functioning, including standardized "IQ" and giftedness assessments

  • executive functioning (attention, working memory, organization, time management and other and self-regulatory skills)

  • academic functioning, including accommodations testing and learning profiles

  • language and communication

  • motor coordination, visual-perceptual, or visual-motor integration skills

  • adaptive functioning and skills of daily living

  • social and emotional functioning


Dr. Davies provides parenting and psychoeducational consultation directly to families and educators supporting the growth of children, each of whom have their own unique gifts and needs. She provides parenting consultations as standard part of her evaluations, believing children and their families and environments are vitally connected and influence one another at every turn. 


Dr. Davies conducts psychoeducational evaluations of students in school districts across Southern California. She conducts both private evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) as an independent contractor to help determine needs and abilities across a range of educational settings. 

Passionate about the power of applying developmental and empirical frameworks to be most effective as helping professionals, Dr. Davies teaches the next generation of psychologists as an adjunct faculty member of Alliant International University (Los Angeles) and the California School of Professional Psychology program.  She presents seminars and talks to professional communities and associations, and has testified as an expert witness in Family Court, Immigration Court, and at special education hearings.



1932 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Tel: (310) 699-4968

Fax: (888) 748-1291

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